Combat COVID-19: Keep learning. Together we are on the move !

Partner with UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education

Traditional education has been disrupted globally, and along with our partners, we are making sure to join in the efforts to make a difference. Throughout this special time of need, TAL would like to provide technical support, and offer free applications to support teachers and students stay connected, continuing both teaching and learning. By providing free access to the following applications, finding enjoyable material and resources should be no problem!

FirstLeap English

First Leap English is a high-end quality education brand of Tomorrow Advancing Life Education Group, focusing on providing international English training services for children aged 2-15 years old, currently covering 70 cities nationwide.

First Leap English utilizes AI education technology to effectively drive online and offline complete learning, to provide children with 24/7 English immersion solutions. Interesting and loving teachers stimulate students' interest in learning, cultivate outstanding subject skills, and develop a new generation of core talents combining happiness, self-confidence and comprehensive qualities.

First Leap Enlightenment App is a high-quality light enlightenment learning App launched by First Leap, which is a quality-oriented education brand of TAL , focusing on providing one-stop online enlightenment learning services for families of 2-8 year old children.It has First Leap Enlightment Harvard English Education Class, Dr. Panda General Education Class, Mobby Logistic Thinking Class and other enlightening courses. Besides picture books reading is also an obvious advantage of First Leap Enlightment APP. It has brought in the World TOP3 picture books, namely Highlights, Reading A-Z and Oxford Reading Tree. Besides, Dr. Panda animation, original children's songs and other enlightening learning resources, also help children to conduct enlightening learning in a more comprehensive and scientific way.

Free Resources:The fun English courses

The fun English courses are carefully created by First Leap which is under the brand of Tomorrow Advancing Life (NYSE: TAL). They provide Hopping Words, Sing and Learn, Highlights Picture Book Reading, Craft Corner, Discovery Time and other interesting topics for children in different ages. These courses create an immersive English learning environment for children and enabling them to start a happy English enlightenment.

First Leap Family is a 3D English animation series owned by First Leap. It tells hilarious stories about the daily life of a group of superpowered elves. Full of confidence, Leap can transform himself into anything. Rock is a supercool kung fu star. Princess Haha, made of marshmellow, is optimistic and sweet. Lemon, being the biggest of all, is adorable and kindhearted. Together, the four friends face challenges in their daily life and solve problems made by Mr. Bad, a pile of mud who always causes trouble. How will they solve these problems and help their friends?

First Leap Family not only helps children learn English through funny and witty stories, but also shows them how to be more confident, independent, optimistic and curious.

Course video
  • Discovery Time
  • Time to Sing
  • Craft Corner
  • Highlights Picture Books
  • Hopping Words
  • Sing & Learn
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CodeMonkey is a leading online coding curriculum for K-8th Grade. With gamified coding courses, students learn the fundamentals of computer programming as they solve puzzles and build games in real coding languages such as Python. By teaching real programming from day one in a gamified environment, CodeMonkey’s coding courses place students on the path to not only learn how to code, but to develop a passion for the field. For younger students who have not yet learned to read and write, CodeMonkey offers playful block-based courses that help students develop a knack for thinking like a real computer programmer, without worrying about the messy syntax that at times accompanies writing code.

Made with schools in mind, the majority of CodeMonkey’s courses do not require prior coding experience to teach, come fully equipped with lesson plans and provide professional development resources and support. After completing CodeMonkey’s award-winning coding courses, students will be able to navigate through the programming world with a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

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Free Resources:"Hour of Code" activities

Hour of Code activities are a great way to introduce your students to the online world of computer programming. For those who are less familiar with the initiative, Hour of Code is an international movement launched by nonprofit to help make computer science accessible to schools and students around the world. With a goal of showing that anyone can learn to code, Hour of Code has established itself as a successful way to bring computer programming to students for free.

CodeMonkey believes that every student should have the opportunity to learn computer programming and through Hour of Code, that dream becomes reality as tens of millions of students each year in over 180 countries participate in the Initiative. With every new course CodeMonkey develops, the company makes sure to include a free version suitable for Hour of Code, so students everywhere can enjoy learning the basics of Computer Science in a fun and easy way.

With a growing amount of students learning remotely, CodeMonkey's Hour of Code activities are more important than ever before. These self-paced, automatically assessed activities are suitable for students of all ages and experience levels. With remote learning during COVID-19, teachers and parents are looking for educational ways to keep kids busy and engaged and CodeMonkey's hour-long coding activities are a great, free solution.

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Dr. Panda

Dr. Panda, part of TAL Education Group (NYSE: TAL), is a children’s brand for education and entertainment, mainly producing kids’ games, education software and TV Animations for a global audience. In the past 8 years, we invented over 40 kids’ apps, produced 2D & 3D animation series. With a highly specialized team comprised of both local and international talent from 11 countries, Dr. Panda is proud to have evolved from a startup style kids' app developer to a global, industry-leading kids' brand with world class products. Our Vision: To be the best friend of children from all over the world.
  • Creative

    We insist on enlightening kids’ creativity by producing original contents. There is no win or lose concept and “zero instruction” in the game mode. Our games are for kids to find happiness through self-thinking and self-exploring. The original animation series is trying to get kids more engagement and let kids learn about the world.
  • Quality

    Our team members are from 11 different countries. We are making products based on an international education concept. Each game will have 6-8 months’ development period. During the time, all the modification on the game is from the monitoring of kids playing games. In the past 8 years, the total download is over 100million. Our kids’ games become so popular world wild with many awards.
  • Companionship

    Dr. Panda its cutest image gives kids a good companion and help them to grow up with experiencing the happy time with Dr. Panda.

Free Resources:One of our favorite App – Dr. Panda Learn & Play

Dr. Panda Learn & Play is a delightfully engaging, award-winning educational app from Dr. Panda that introduces children to a whole new world of discovery, learning, and fun. Designed to encourage early learning, it helps preschoolers and kindergarten-aged children reach their developmental milestones faster, with over 75+ activities that fuel their imagination and love of learning through play.

Dr. Panda believes in open-ended play to encourage early learning and kickstart the creativity of children. Furthering that belief, Dr. Panda Learn & Play helps children learn about the world they live in, create their own experiences, and most importantly, have fun! There are no instructions, no time limits, and no scores – only the thrill of discovery and imagination awaits young minds as they set out on an incredible learning adventure with Dr. Panda and his friends.

A massive collection of games, interactive storybooks, and Dr. Panda TotoTime videos introduce essential life skills, build emotional intelligence, and coach young minds to learn through role play, exploration, and active imagination – all of which are essential for a successful transition to school.

Children will have fun exploring numbers, letters, painting, phonics, colors, shapes, life skills, logic, reasoning, and a lot more with Dr. Panda and Toto. Young learners are encouraged to be curious, adventurous, and motivated as they develop cognitive and social skills through activities focused on role play and discovery learning. Whether they prefer to ace all ten levels in the adventure mode before they start their learning journey, go via Dr. Panda’s house, or opt to explore the activities in no specific order, the experience is phenomenal!

Dr. Panda Learn & Play optimizes the learning experience for children by offering exciting updates every month, and a wide range of games, videos and activities that strengthen the foundation of early learning.

TAL’s goals give high-priority to providing quality education resources. TAL Research Institute has invited well-known experts and researches in both the public, private, and non-profit sectors. For more information on Combating COVID-19 or other forms of international collaboration, please contact TRI via email at